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Wildlife reporting

In case you see endangered wildlife
in nature or wildlife crime


WAR's hotline: 0976.06.76.46
WAR office: 08 3899 7314
HCMC Forest Protection Department
Mobile Team: 08 3794 7045


Rescue forty-six individuals of wildlife transported illegally
Ho Chi Minh City, 19th July 2011 – Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station (CCWRS) of Wildlife At Risk (WAR) received a large number of monitor lizards and turtles.
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Twelve endangered sea turtles successfully rescued
– Staff from Wildlife At Risk (WAR) have successfully rescued twelve endangered sea turtles from the Suoi Tien Cultural Tourist Park in District 9.
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Wildlife At Risk and Government officials save endangered Leopard
On 21st November 2008, conservationists from Wildlife At Risk (WAR) and government officials from the Forest Protection Department have safely transfered an endangered cat from the illegal wildlife trade, an “Asian Leopard” Panthera pardus.
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Rescue the Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon
Ho Chi Minh City, 25 March 2011 - Two individuals of the endangered Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon (Hylobates gabriellae) was successfully rescued from an illegal capture in District 12, by the Mobile Team (HCMC Forest Protection Department) and WAR.
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