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Wildlife At Risk (WAR) is a non-profit organisation, based in Ho Chi Minh City, and active throughout the southern provinces of Vietnam. WAR is governed by the Trustee, Dominic Scriven, OBE and is staffed by experienced international and Vietnamese professionals.


Toward a rich biodiversity where humans live in harmony with nature and wildlife.


Wildlife At Risk (WAR) is dedicated to the long-term conservation of Vietnam’s threatened biodiversity. It aims to combat the illegal wildlife trade and promote the conservation of endangered species and their habitats.


Vietnam’s wildlife faces a desperate fight for survival in the 21st Century. Without urgent intervention, many of the Country’s endangered species will soon be wiped out. They are being driven to extinction by habitat loss, hunting, pollution and, above all, the flourishing illegal wildlife trade.

Legal status

Wildlife At Risk (WAR) was registered as a non profit corporation at Delaware state, USA, in October 2003. WAR had been granted an operation permision in Vietnam since in August 2004 via the People’s Aid Corrdination Committee. The new certificate of opreration number 91/CNV-VPDA was issued byThe Department of Foreign Affairs – Ministry of Foreign Affairs in May 2015. More here.

WAR is governed by Dominic Scriven – OBE, the Organisation’ Trustee, who is also the Key Sponsor. WAR is staffed by experienced international and Vietnamese professionals and is committed to best international governance practices.

WAR’s immediate counterpart in Vietnam is The People’s Aid Coordination Committee.


Forestry Protection Department of Ho Chi Minh City (FPD-HCMC). FPD-HCMC and WAR are operating a wildlife rescue station in the Cu Chi District and joint efforts on inhibiting the illegal wildlife trade that flourishes on the streets and in the restaurants of Ho Chi Minh City.

Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City (DOET-HCMC). Since December 2011, DOET-HCMC and WAR have been working together with the FPD-HCMC to operate the SOS Travelling Exhibition to secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh City. The SOS Travelling Exhibition calls for people to “Say NO to illegal wildlife products” is an initiative of WAR, to educate and urge the younger generation of Vietnam to save wildlife from the brink of extinction such as the Javan Rhino.

Cat Tien National Park. Since 2008, WAR has provided direct support to the Park for the establishment and operation of the Cat Tien Bear and Wild Cat Rescue Station that include a semi-natural area.

Kien Giang Union of Friendship Organisation (KUFO). Since 2008, WAR and Free the Bears (FTB) have worked with KUFO to establish Hon Me Wildlife Rescue Station, Kien Giang province

Faculty of Biology Science, University of Sciences, Ho Chi Minh City National University. WAR has been cooperating with the Faculty of Biology Science in various activities including the Wildlife Consumption Survey and Mendel Arboretum Contest for the University students.

Major sponsors/donors

WAR receives generous support from a variety of sources in the form of pro bono work, personal and corporate sponsorship, grants, and equipments. The following are some of the major Sponsors and Donors who have contributed to the conservation success achieved by WAR and its partners:

  • Dragon Captial
  • Mango Bay
  • BBGV (British Business Group Vietnam)
  • KPMG
  • Brigitte Bardot Foundation
  • Osprey Packs
  • Group M
  • British International School (BIS), HCMC
  • International School, Ho Chi Minh City (ISHCMC)
  • International Primate Protection League (IPPL)
  • Douc Langur Foundation (DLF)
  • Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
  • Aardwolf Industries
  • MacCormack Associates Consultants Pty Ltd
  • Corigo
  • Peter Dinning
  • AsiaLife, HCMC
  • Australian Farmers Fuel (SAFF)
  • Family Medical Practice, Vietnam
  • Franco-Vietnamese Hospital, HCMC
  • Freshfields
  • Johnson & Johnson, Australia
  • Star Corporate Vietnam
  • Saigon Saints Football Club
  • Smith & Nephew, Australia
  • Vet clinics (Balhanna, Stephen Terrace, Waikerie) Australia
  • WHO Laboratory for Zoonotic Disease, University of Hong Kong
  • Wildlife Information Network, Royal Veterinary College, UK
  • Zebra Vet, Australia
  • ADM Capital Foundation
  • Winsome Constance Kindness Trust
  • MegaStar Media Company
  • World Veterinary Service – UK

Many caring individual donors and volunteers


WAR has also established relationships with several local and international NGOs, agencies, and universities to cooperate in the exchange of information on wildlife trade, nature conservation and activities of wildlife rescue and study. These institutions and foundations include:

  • VinhCuu National Park – Dong Nai Province
  • U Minh Thuong National Park – KienGiang Province
  • Can Tho Forest Protection Department
  • Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR).
  • University of Nature Science (UNS) and University of Agriculture and Forestry (UAF).
  • People and Nature Consolidation (PanNature)
  • Endangered Primate Rescue Centre (EPRC)
  • Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
  • Television Trust for the Environment (TVE)
  • Laboratory for Zoonotic Disease, Department of Microbiology, University of Hong Kong
  • Endangered Asian Species Trust (EAST)
  • Birdlife International in Indochina


Dominic Scriven, OBE: Founder, Trustee, and Key Sponsor

Dominic is a citizen of the United Kingdom and is totally committed to Vietnam. He speaks fluent Vietnamese, has lived in the country since 1992, and has fostered foreign investment into Vietnam. The foundation of WAR was motivated by Dominic’s appreciation of Vietnam’s wildlife and his desire to help protect the country’s natural resources.

Nguyen Vu Khoi: CEO

Khoi is one of Vietnam’s leading conservationists and forest experts, with 23 years’ field experience and an M.Sc. in Conservation Management. Khoi is highly respected by other local, regional, and international specialists not only because of his rich experience in the conservation field but also his ability in leading WAR to fulfil its mission. He speaks fluent English.


WAR is staffed by experienced international and Vietnamese professionals. A partnership approach enables WAR to operate with a small number of core staff.

Điện thoại

Đường dây nóng WAR: 0976.06.76.46

Văn phòng tổ chức WAR: 028 3899 7314

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