Vietnam is home to a number of charismatic wild animals and spectacular plants, many of them threatened with local or global extinction. WAR’s Wildlife Sponsorship Programme offers a perfect opportunity for individuals, families and companies to raise their profile and demonstrate their commitment to wildlife conservation in Vietnam.

Below are some options for you to support us and help save Vietnam’sendangered wildlife.

Food Sponsorship

The rescue wild animals at any of our rescue stations receive proper daily care enabling the animals to recover, rehabilitate and get ready to be released back to the wild. Providing safe, hygiene and appropriate food is essential in this process to ensure the overall health of wildlife.

Below are some food costs for our rescued endangered species at our rescue stations

Species Food cost (USD/month/individual)
Pygmy Loris 7
Fresh water turtle 10
Monitor lizard 18
Gibbon 20
Sea turtle 26
Douc langur 27
Small carnivor 30
Pangolin 120

Please download the application form for Food Sponsorship here.

WAR would like to express our sincere thanks to all Food Sponsors.

Naming Sponsorship

WAR is offering you the unique opportunity to name one of our rescued species at any of our three wildlife rescue stations. WAR is actively involved in the fight against the illegal trade and consumption of endangered species. By naming an endangered species at any of our Wildlife Rescue Station, you are giving us the ability to rescue more of these wonderful animals, and you are giving them a new chance at life out of this horrible trade that is pushing more and more species towards extinction.

Each animal receives only one name, so please choose the name carefully. A sign including this name and your name/logo will be hung at the animal enclosure. You will also receive a certificate and regular update on your named animal. You can, of course visit your named animal anytime at our rescue station or join us release your named animal back to the wild.

WAR would like to express our sincere thanks to all Naming Sponsors

Project/Programme Sponsorship

A programme is on-going work, usually comprising of a number of individual projects. For example support is needed for the work being done on Phu Quoc Island and can be given over a period of time, for example over 6 months, by means of regular monthly payments, large or small.

Every dollar of your money will be well spent. WAR prides itself on extracting maximum conservation value from minimal financial resources. Even small amounts count.

Programmes or projects particularly needing sponsor support include:

   1. Biodiversity Survey Programme

      The survey could be conducted in biodiversity hotspots of Vietnam such as some national parks, islands or the mountainous regions of Central Vietnam. The surveys involve different species such as mammals, freshwater fishes, butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies, bats, reptiles and amphibians, birds, plants and orchids.

   2. Captive breeding for conservation

      Breeding and releasing native fishes, frogs and tortoises back to the wild.

WAR is keen to form alliances with local and international companies that recognize the importance of protecting Vietnam’s natural resources.

Corporate Sponsors or individuals who sponsor a programme or project will get their logos/names on the programmes or facilities they sponsor, get listed on our website, and in the quarterly newsletter.

WAR would like to express our sincere thanks to all Project / Programme Sponsors.

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