Rescue four more moon bears at Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station

8th February 2012 – Four Moon Bears, one male and three females, were handed voluntarily to Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station by a business man from Binh Duong province.  Taken care by WAR’s staff, these bears are now looking forward for a new chapter in their lives.

All four bears were in bad condition when being preliminarily examined by the staff. One bear lost one paw. It is most likely that the paw was lost in a snare trap or has been cut off for use in traditional Chinese medicine. This bear also has no hair on its back due to a kind of fungi. Other three are quite aggressive. Currently, all four bears are carefully watched by the veterinarian and zoo keeper at the station. It is estimated that the four bears will soon getting better and enjoy a much better condition in the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station.

Last year, more than 1000 individuals of endangered species were rescued at Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station. This number is quite large for the station with a total area of only 4000m2.

We are looking forward for your kindness supports to expand the Station and to provide adequate food, medicine and comfortable enclosures to each endangered animal at Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station. 

You can support us in many ways. Please visit our page at or contact Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station Manager at: 
Mobile phone: +849 84281190;

Sadly, despite how better the four bears will be doing, it’s likely that they will never be released to the wild. These bears were kept for more than ten years in small concrete cages and perhaps they have been milked for bile all that time. This makes the bears lost its wild instincts and not be able to earn food and thus survive in the wild. Also, when released to the wild, captured bears intent to go look for food at civil area and they might be hunted and captured again.

These bears and other animals at the station those can never be released to the wild are great lesson for the audience to appreciate wildlife and urge them to be willing to help us save the wildlife.

We hope you join us save the bears!

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