Rescue 500 individuals of endangered wildlife and release to the wild

Ho Chi Minh City – Last night 28 April 2014, Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station received approximately 500 individuals of endangered wildlife includingReticulated Python(Python reticulatus), Burmese Python (Python molurus), Monocellated Cobra (Naja naja kaouthia), Bengal Monitor (Varanus bengalensis nebulosus), Water Monitor (Varanus salvator), some species of snakes, birds and small mammals. These are endangered species listed in Vietnam Red Book or protected under Decree 32/2006 of the government.

The rescued wildlife were confiscated by Ho Chi Minh City Department of Environmental Crime Prevention and Fighting Police from an illegal trade case at Dong Thanh Commune, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City. After transferring the wildlife to Cu Chi WRS, WAR staff worked immediately till midnight to classify the wildlife.

 This morning 29 April 2014, the 400 individuals in good condition were released back to the wild. These included snakes and birds and small mammals those could adapt quickly to the wild. The rest are being taken care and rehabilitated at Cu Chi WRS and could be released in the wild. Never before, has Cu Chi WRS rescued such a huge number of wildlife. Nearly 1000 individuals of wildlife have been rescued since the beginning of this year. WAR highly appreciates functional bodies for their great efforts in saving endangered wildlife. We are looking forward for stronger supports from everyone in wildlife rescuing activities in the future.

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