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Wildlife reporting

In case you see endangered wildlife
in nature or wildlife crime


WAR's hotline: 0976.06.76.46
WAR office: 08 3899 7314
HCMC Forest Protection Department
Mobile Team: 08 3794 7045


Local people hand over Porcupine to Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station
24th June, 2012 – Local people from Tay Ninh Province contacted WAR and voluntarily handed over three individuals of Malayan Porcupine (Hystrix brachyuran) to the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station (WRS)
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Rescuing six moon bears adds up to 63 rescued individuals
16th May, 2012 – Six individuals of Moon Bear (Ursus thibetanus) were rescued successfully and safely transferred to Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station (CCWRS). These bears have been kept in small concrete cages for bile exploitation since 2005 in Tien Giang Province. Six Moon Bears were bought from Binh Duong province when they were 3 months-old.
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Successful rescue of four Moon Bears and Yellow Cheeked Gibbons
18th April, 2012 –Wildlife At Risk (WAR) co-operates with Ho Chi Minh City Forest Protection Department, Central Committee for South Viet Nam and Lo Go Xa Mat National Park, Tay Ninh Province to successfully rescue two Moon Bears (Ursus thibetanus) and two Yellow- cheeked Gibbons (Nomascus gabriellae). These endangered species were safely transferred to Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station (CCWRS).
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Pangolins rescued for first time
18th April 2012 – Wildlife At Risk (WAR) works with Kien Giang Forest Protection Department to successfully rescue three Javan Pangolins (Manis javanica). They were confiscated by the Kien Luong District Forest Protection Department, then safely transferred to the Hon Me Wildlife Rescue Station (HMWRS). The pangolins are in good health each weighing roughly 5 kgs. They are currently being well cared for by WAR staff at the rescue facility
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Rescue four more moon bears at Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station
8th February 2012 - Four Moon Bears, one male and three females, were handed voluntarily to Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station by a business man from Binh Duong province. Taken care by WAR’s staff, these bears are now looking forward for a new chapter in the
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Successfully rescue and release seven King Cobras
17th November 2011 - Staff from Wildlife At Risk (WAR) in cooperation with Binh Phuoc Provincial Forest Protection Department and Binh Phuoc polices successfully rescue and release seven King Cobras (Ophiophagus hannah) to Cat Tien National Park.
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