Photo exhibition “Lucky Wildlife” is comming

Phu Quoc Island, dated 7th April 2015 – Wildlife At Risk (WAR) and Mango Bay Resort will organize a photo exhibition entitled “Lucky Wildlife”. The exhibition will last for a month from 15th April to 15th May 2015 at Mango Bay Resort, Ong Lang Beach, Cua Can, Phu Quoc Island. The exhibition will clude large photos of over roughly 40 species of endangered wildlife those have been being rescued by WAR. The exhibition will not only inspire the audience by beautiful moments of endangered wildlife but also call for the audiences to take part in wildlife conservation by saying NO to illegal wildlife products.

Approximately 40 photos, mostly sized 30X45cm will be displayed at the Restaurant and Beach Bar of Mango Bay Resort. Those photos were taken by seven WAR’s staff who are deeply in love with each individual of endangered wildlife. The photos could be shot during the rehabilitating or releasing of wildlife in a natural setting, which make the audience feel the freedom lives of those wildlife in its habitats. The photos are not only artistic but also show the real beauty of each endangered wildlife such as Asian Leopard, Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbon, Moon Bear, Green Peafowl, Pangolin, Loris, Hawskbill and Common Pheasant. Highlight of the exhibition is endangered wildlife those could be found on natural forests of Phu Quoc Island.

Each displayed photo include a different story about the endangered wildlife and WAR’s related rescuing activities. All of those wildlife were victims of illegal poaching, trading or consumption and they all were lucky enough to be rescued by WAR. Most of them are now living freedomly in the forest where they were released while some are enjoying comfortable lives at WAR’s rescue facilities including Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station, Ho Chi Minh City and Hon Me Wildlife Rescue Staiton, Kien Giang Province. 

“It’s barely possible to see those endangered wildlife in the wild. We are also lucky to not only see those wildlife but help them to be freed. Each photo is our memories related to the whole process of rescuing that individual such as healthcare, feeding, rehabilitating, and/or releasing. I hope that the audience will not only enjoy the beauty of endangered wildlife but also understand out efforts in wildlife protection. I also hope that each audience will support us so that we can save more endangered wildlife” – Said Mr. Nguyen Vu Khoi – WAR’s CEO who contribute most photos at the exhibition.

The exhibition will be opened for every local people and tourist of Phu Quoc Island from 9AM to 7PM. Entrance is free. There will be available photos for you to purchase. All fund raised during this exhibition will be returned to WAR’s rescuing activities. 

According to Mr. Ronan Le Bihan, Manager of Mango Bay Resort: “The photo exhibition is one of our efforts to contribute to the nature of Vietnam. We did support WAR in many other conservation activities and we hope to spread the conservation message in a relax manner to our visistors while they spend the holidays here with us.”

The photo exhibition will be launched at 6PM on Wednesday 15th April 2015 at Mango Bay Resort, Ong Lang Beach, Cua Can, Phu Quoc Island.

Download the second press release here 

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Dugong is being traded and consumed extremely secret on Phu Quoc Island.

October and November are peak time for Dugong to be hunted and traded on Phu Quoc Island. In Oct 2014, a survey on Dugong trading and consumption was secrectely conducted on Phu Quoc Island by WAR.

Major findings of the survey contribute to enforcement activities and also help WAR to strengthen its activities on Phu Quoc Island. The most important finding is that instead of trading Dugong pretty openly as several years ago, Dugong is now traded and consummered extrememly secrectedly. You need to be trusted by the traders to purchase Dugong’s meat, skins and teeth. This could be result of quite a few affords on Dugong conservation of different organisations and bodies in the past few year.

 Some trading lines and addresses were also found in the survey. WAR is asking local authorities to investigate and confiscate those trading cases. Also WAR is addressing the findings in its coming activities on Phu Quoc Island. 

More findings about this Dugong trading on Phu Quoc Island could be refered here. 

Additional information: In August 2012, WAR receive a report from the public about a Dugong trading case on Phu Quoc island. WAR immediately started a survey and came up with shocked findings about Dugong consumption and trading on Phu Quoc Island. Not only alerting local authority, WAR has been working closely with Phu Quoc Marine Protected Area in a serial of enforcement and educational activities toward Dugong protection. 

Dugong (Dugong dugon) is a giant mamal that weighed up to 500kg. There are only a few Dugong left in Phu Quoc (Kien Giang Province) and Con Dao (Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province). Dugong is critically endangered (CR) according to the Vietnam Red Book. 

Please inform us of any wildlife crime by calling our hotline at 0976 06 76 46. Thank you very much!

Opening of the Photo exhibition: “Wild Birds in Mating Season”

Ho Chi Minh City, 24th January 2015 – Wildlife At Risk (WAR) and the Youth Cultural House of Ho Chi Minh City successfully launched a photo exhibition entitled “Wild Birds in Mating Season” by photographer Tang A Pau at 3pm today. The photo exhibition shows the beauty and unique characteristics of wild birds in the forest and hoped that it will inspire the audience to take action in the protection of wild birds in Vietnam.

 Participating in the opening ceremony were over 70 participants including representatives of local authorities in Ho Chi Minh City, The City Youth Cultural House, public, university students, leader and staff of WAR, representatives of the exhibition’s donors including forum, Hoang Quan Company, Phu Quang Digital, Khanh Long camera, TIXIAI Ltd., Company, and Edge Image, and media.

 Over 130 photos sized of 40X60cm, mostly, featuring Vietnam’s wild birds are being displayed at the exhibition. Each photo includes a short description of the species. The highlight of the exhibition is a collection of Sarus Crane photos. The Sarus Crane is an endangered bird that is catagorised as Vulnerable (VU) in the IUCN Red List. This collection includes outstanding photos which capture peaceful and fairy-tale like moments of the cranes in an artirstic manner. The exhibition also includes photos of other endangered species such as Great Hornbill, Grey-crowned Crocias, Oriental Darter, Siamese Fireback, and Vietnam Greenfinch. The state-of-the-art photography skills, fine taste of art, plus extensive experience help Mr. Tang A Pau to capture unique, vivid, lively and mysterious moments of Vietnam’s wild birds.   Although Mr. Tang A Pau is a business man, taking photos of wildlife, especially wild birds, has been an endless passion of his for many years. “I often carry my camera to the forest and patiently wait to see wild birds. Many species have become rare. A few species, those that are commonly traded in Ho Chi Minh City for pets or for lucky releasing, are hard to find in the forest. I hope that every one could see unique and beautiful moments of wild birds like I do. I also expect that every one will take practical action and join me save Vietnam’s endangered birds and wildlife” – Mr. Tang A Pau, the author of the exhibition. The exhibition is opened from 8am to 8pm every day, except for the opening day on 24th Jan 2014 when the exhibition will open from 3pm.  Entrance is free and there will be photos for purchase at the exhibition. All funds raised during the exhibition will be donated to the rescue activities of WAR at Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station, and for disadvantage children in Ho Chi Minh City.  

Download the second press release here and see some wild bird photos of Tang A Pau here.


Wildlife At Risk (WAR)

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Photo exhibition: “Wild birds in Mating Season”

Ho Chi Minh City, dated 16th January 2015 – Wildlife At Risk (WAR) will cooperate with The Youth Cultural House of Ho Chi Minh City to organise a photo exhibition entitled “Wild Birds in Mating Season” by photographer Tang A Pau. The photo exhibition is scheduled from 24th to 28th January 2015 at the City Youth Cultural House; and the launching ceremony will be organised at 15h00 on 24th January 2015 at the same location. The photo exhibition shows the beauty and unique moments of wild birds in the forest and inspires the audience to take action in protecting wild birds and the nature of Vietnam.

Over 130 photos, sized of 40X60cm mostly, will be displayed at the exhibition. The photos were taken in different national parks and protected areas throughout Vietnam. Each photo is an art work carefully taken by Mr. Tang A Pau. The photos capture different moments of wild birds, especially during mating season. The photos are not only artistic but also include quite a few endangered birds of Vietnam such as Sarus Crane, Woolly-necked Stork, Grey-crowned Crocias and Ward’s Trogon to name a few. Although Mr. Tang A Pau regards himself as an amateur photographer, he is wellknown amongst national and international photographers. His photos have received positive feedback and are highly appreciated by photography forums including the and social networks. The photos show his unconditional love for nature and his passon of wild birds in Vietnam. The exhibition is opened from 8Am to APM every day, except for the opening day on 24th Jan 2014 when the exhibitioniss opened from 3PM. Entrance is free for and you can purchase photos at the exhibition. All funds raised during the exhibition will be donated to the rescue activities of WAR at Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station, and for children in the Central Highland region. 

“The exhibition will include many impressive and unique photos of endangered birds in Vietnam. I myself have not seen all of them in the wild, although we have been conducting quite a few biodiversity surveys thoughtout Vietnam. We hope that all wild birds will be freed so that we can observe them in their most beautiful and natural suround.” – According to Mr. Nguyen Vu Khoi – WAR’s CEO.

Download the first press release here and see some wild bird photos of Tang A Pau here.

Set up visitor centre for U Minh Thuong National Park

Kien Giang Province, January 2015 – Wildlife At Risk (WAR) supported U Minh Thuong National Park (UMTNP) to develop content, design and set up a new visitor center at the Park. The Visitor Centre aims to provide information, educate and inspire tourists to take action in protecting the nature of UMTNP. It also helps tourists to decide on tours those they would take while visiting the Park.The Visitor Centre that has a total area of over 160m2 includes four different sections including (1) Beauty and value of UMTNP, (2) Threats of UMTNP, (3) Conservation activities and (4) Souvenirs corner.

Some displays at the Visitor Centre

 Although Hairy-nosed Otter is icon wildlife of the Park, birds are selected to be the main decorative textures of the Centre. This is because the Park has the largest Bird ground in the Mekong Delta River and any visitor could observe hundreds of birds here any time of the year.The Visitor Centre with bright colours, attractive content, and numerous interactive displays and practical objects is an impressive start for any visitor of the Park.During the seven days working in the fields and a long time preparation, staff of WAR and UMTNP had worked tirelessly to set up, decorate and complete the Visitor Centre. “The Visitor Centre was carefully developed and designed based on previous surveys to ensure that it not only meets the Park’s need but also be an attractive stop that helps visitors to understand, to love and to be willing to take actions in protecting the Park’s nature.” – shared Ms. Huyen Do Thi Thanh – Wildlife Education Manager, WAR. WAR expects that the Visitor Centre will be managed well and updated gradually in order to contribute greatly to sustainable tourism activities at UMTNP.

Please see some photos of the setting up of this visitor center here.

Transfer Northern White-cheeked Gibbons to Me Linh Biodiversity Station

Ha Noi, 13th December 2014 – Wildlife At Risk (WAR) cooperated with Ho Chi Minh City Forest Protection Department to successfully transfer two male individuals Northern White-cheeked Gibbon to the Me Linh Biodiversity Station – Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (Vietnam Academy). This activity was proudly supported by Cologne Zoo – Germany.

A transferred Northern White-cheeked Gibbon

The two individuals of Northern White-cheeked Gibbon were confiscated from an illegal transportation in 2013 in the south and were registered to Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station in 2013.Northern White-cheeked Gibbon (Nomascus leucogenys) is categorised as Endangered (EN) in the Vietnam Red Book. This endangered species is also listed in group IB under the Decree 32/2006/NĐ-CP of the government and index 1 of the CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species). Population of this species is decreasing steadily due to habitat lost, hunting and trading for pet and meat.

According to Mr. Nguyen Vu Khoi – WAR’s CEO “The Northern White-cheeked Gibbon is distributed in the North of Vietnam. The transferring of those Gibbons to its Me Linh Biodiversity Station not only enables the gibbons to be in its right habitat but also serves education purposes of the station”.

Dugong Festival 2014 on Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island, dated 30th November 2014  – This morning, over 800 people including local leaders, teachers, students, public and tourists participated in the Dugong Festival 2014 at Phu Quoc Cultural House, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island. The festival aims to raise awareness and gain the attention of leaders, students and teachers, locals and tourists for the protection of Dugong and endangered marine creatures.

The festival aims to raise awareness and gain the attention of leaders, students and teachers, locals and tourists for the protection of Dugong and endangered marine creatures. The festival was organised by Wildlife At Risk (WAR), Phu Quoc Marine Protected Area and Phu Quoc District Department of Education and Training included two main activities: a parade and a play contest.  The main message of the festival is to “Take part in saving Dugong and endangered marine creatures”.Of the over 800 participants of the festival, roughly 300 children aged 12-15 years old are from six Marine Conservation Clubs of six secondary schools on Phu Quoc Island. The parade started at Phu Quoc Cultural House going through the town and passed by the Dinh Cau Temple – a famous tourist spot on Phu Quoc Island and finished back at the Cultural House. The parade was a successful and exciting event supported by the participation of locals and tourists alike.After the parade, all participants enjoyed a play contest inside the Phu Quoc Cultural House. The best plays by six of the Marine Conservation Clubs were performed during the contest. All of the plays were about conservation of Dugong and endangered marine creatures. Each play was carefully developed and well prepared by different clubs’ members. Key message regarding conservation of the Dugong and other endangered marine creatures was clearly conveyed to the audience through the intelligent and enthusiastic children and their bright vision about the future for marine life. The audience was profoundly affected by the play and inspired to take action to help Dugong protection.

 First prize was awarded to the play entitled Dugong Diary developed and performed by Nang Tien Ca Club, Duong Dong 1 Secondary School. The play is about a journey of a mother and a baby Dugong from beautiful days to dark days when the two Dugongs faced numerous threats such as heading a board, eating nylon bags floating on sea grasses, being poured by dirty water… Peak of the play is a tragedy when the mother Dugong was caught by two fishmen. Although, the play has a happy ending which the mother Dugong is released back to the sea and she is reunited with her baby Dugong again, the play makes the audiences worry for Dugong’s fate in reality and inspires them to do something for Dugong. Other plays were also awarded with one second, one third and threes runner up prizes. The plays will be performed to other audiences on other occasions and will be shared broadly in the future.At the festival, songs and dances were also performed by the six secondary schools. All participants also show their commitment to Dugong conservation by pledging on saving Dugong on a big Dugong display. “The festival was strongly supported through participation by leaders from different bodies, students, teachers and the public. Through this event we expect that Dugong enforcement activities will be strengthened and everyone will take action towards conservation of the Dugong and other endangered marine creatures”, said Mr. Nguyen Vu Khoi, WAR’s CEO. Please download the first press release here, more pictures here

SOS Travelling Exhibition is back in the City

Ho Chi Minh City, dated 17th October 2014 – The SOS Travelling Exhibition with the message “Say No to illegal wildlife products” had been successfully operated in Tan Binh and Hoang Hoa Tham Secondary Schools, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. In the academic year 2014-2015, the SOS Exhibition will travel to approximately 20 secondary schools for about 20,000 students aged from 12 to 15 years old of Ho Chi Minh City.The SOS Travelling Exhibition is an initiative of the Wildlife At Risk (WAR) in cooperate with Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training and Forest Protection Department. The exhibition aims to educate children on wildlife product consumption and encourage them to take actions in wildlife protection. The SOS Exhibition that is a tent of nearly 60m2 includes numerous objects, displays, games, and practical facts and photos of wildlife and its threats. All children are guided carefully at the exhibition to learning through playing. Since the first operation in December 2011, the SOS Travelling Exhibition has been travelling to nearly 80 secondary schools and educating about 70,000 students of Ho Chi Minh City.

Students of Tan Binh Secondary School is watching a short film about wildlife consumptions at the SOS exhibition

 In this academic year, approximately 60 volunteer students from different universities were trained carefully to guide students at the SOS Travelling Exhibition. These volunteers also visited Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station to learn about wildlife and wildlife consumption and get ready to guide secondary students at the exhibition at their best. Under the framework of the SOS Programme for acedamic year 2014-2015, WAR will organise special tours for about 500 children aged 12-15 years old to visit Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station for free. And wildlife protection content is now being taught in Biology Subject Grade 7 by nearly 300 teachers from all secondary schools in Ho Chi Minh City and Phu Quoc Island. “Wildlife At Risk is very proud that the SOS Programme had been extremely welcome and participated by all teachers and students. I have a stronger hope now for our wildlife in the future because hundreds of teachers and thousands of students are learning and discussing about wildlife protection every day. I also hope that everyone will take a particular action to protect our precious wildlife”, said Ms. Do Thi Thanh Huyen – Wildlife Education Manager, WAR. Please download the first press release here.

Park staff learnt to use open source application in natural resource management.

From the 8th to 12th September 2014, Wildlife At Risk (WAR) co-operated with U Minh Thuong National Park – Kien Giang Province, to organise a training course titled “Using open source applications in natural resource management” for 23 staff from national parks and protected areas in the Western South Provinces. The training course introduces open source softwares in mapping and managing of natural resources.

The training course introduced a number of open source applications on Linux operating system such as: QGIS, GRASS GIS, and GPS Banle for mapping and database; GIMP and Scribus for graphic design; and Libre Office for office applications. At the training course, the participants practiced on laptops on maps of their protected areas. They also took photos of U Minh Thuong National Park and processed the photos on GIMP (An image Processing open software).The participations were totally exciting with the training course. “This course is very useful for me. The QGIS helps me to analyse and present our natural resource maps better. I will definitely use QGIS instead of the software that I am using now” – said Mr. Nguyen Van Ut, conservation staff from Lang Sen Wetland Reserve.

According to Mr. Bui Huu Manh, Senior Conservation Officer from WAR who was trainer of the course: “Open source applications are quite powerful. It’s functions are adequate and strong in natural resource management. For anyone who could not afford commercial software, open source applications are right choices”.

Discover a new plant species for Vietnam

August 2014 – Wildlife At Risk (WAR) has just announced a new plan species for Vietnam i.e the Hoya yuennanensis or “Cẩm cù vân nam” in Vietnamese. Hoya yuennanensis was recorded during a biodiversity survey conducted by WAR in Bidoup – Nui Ba National Park, Lam Dong Province, last May.

The plant with a few clusters of fragrant star-shaped flowers was found in the evergreen forest at the altitude of 1600m at Cong Troi area. The species that is a liana grows from the earth, or parasites on rotten wood and wet substrates.

This spwecies was described for the first time in 1936 in Yunnan Province, China. The plan was known as an endemic specis for Yunnan. This is the first time, Hoya yuennanensis has been recorded in Vietnam. With this discovery, the total number of Hoya species in Vietnam is 27 species.Sample collection and identification of the species was done by Pham Đoan Quoc Vuong – a WAR’s Biologist,  with the support of Prof. Leonid V. Averyanov from Komarov Botanical Institute, Russia and Mr. Pham Van The from Institute of Ecology and biological Resources Vietnam – IEBR. Please see the announcement of Hoya yuennanensis here. Some other discoveries on biodiversity of Bidoup – Nui Ba National Park were also recorded by WAR. These discoveries will be announced in the coming time.

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