Pangolin born in at Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station

Ho Chi Minh City, 24th July 2012 – A Javan Pangolin (Manis javanica) was born at Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station (WRS).The baby pangolin that’s weighed roughly 300 gram and covered by soft scales is in very good health. The pangolin’s mother breast feasts its baby and the baby always cling to her mother tail when moving. When it’s about two or three months, the pangolin will fed on ant eggs and not clings to her mother tail anymore. The baby pangolin is now receiving special care from WAR staff at Cu Chi WRS.  

New born pangolin clings to its mother at Cu Chi WRS Both mother and father of the baby pangolin were rescued by WAR and Ho Chi Minh City Forest Protection Department in August 2010. The mother with front left leg missing and the father with front right leg missing have stayed at Cu Chi WRS since then and will  never be released back to the wild. In March 2012, WAR staff decided to place the injured male and female pangolins together. After four months of gestation, the female delivered the baby pangolin safe and sound. Javan Pangolins are listed in Vietnam Red Book as Endangered species (EN). It only gives birth to one or two babies per year. Due to slow reproductive rate, habitat lost as well as illegal hunting and trading, the number of wild pangolins has been decreased steadily. According Mr. Le Xuan Lam, Manger of Cu Chi WRS “This is the second time, baby pangolin has been born at Cu Chi WRS. The baby pangolin born at Cu Chi WRS before was released to the wild already. These successes contribute greatly to wildlife breeding programme for conservation that WAR is pursuing. We will definitely take good care of this pangolin so that it can also be released back to the wild”.

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