“Grown with love” at Wildlife Summer Camp 2014

Kien Giang, dated 20 June 2014 –The Wildlife Summer Camp that lasted for five days and four nights at Hon Me Wildlife Rescue Station had an exciting atmosphere. A series of meaningful and entertaining activities at the Camp aimed to connect youth and wildlife conservation. This Wildlife Summer Camp, also called “Summer Move”, is an annual programme launched by Wildlife At Risk (WAR) in June 2013. The Wildlife Summer Camp 2014 was organised by WAR with financial support from Beyond Cosmetic.  

Participating in the Wildlife Summer Camp 2014 (The Camp) were 35 students from different universities in Ho Chi Minh City. Most of them were selected from a letter writing contest where students were asked to imagine that they were an endangered animal that was about to become extinct due to illegal consumption. They had to write a letter to humans asking for help. Some of the participants are excellent volunteers of the SOS Travelling Exhibition and the rest are winners of WAR’s contests during the past year. 

At the Camp, the students learnt about wildlife and experienced practical rescue activities at Hon Me WRS. With the theme “Grown with love”, a highlight of the Camp this year was growing plants for rescued wildlife and forest trees at the Station. In addition, the students worked with WAR staff in normal daily activities such as cleaning enclosures, preparing food and feeding wildlife. 

Also in this Camp, the students learnt and discussed different jobs related to wildlife conservation and identifying suitable jobs that might interest them in the future. They were also learning and practicing different skills such as taking good photos, forest hiking, observing wildlife at night, using camera traps, taking photos of wildlife using special equipment.

In addition to the above wildlife protection activities, a series of entertaining activities and social skills training were also designed in order to help the students learn, work and enjoy life better. 

The Camp not only connected the students to wildlife conservation activities but also connect them together in a network of future wildlife conservation supporters.

Based on the success of this Wildlife Summer Camp, WAR will develop and organise similar activities to bring more opportunities for youngsters to experience nature and wildlife and wildlife protection jobs. WAR expects that the youth will be more interested in a profession with wildlife and to take practical action towards wildlife protectionboth now and in the future after their experiences”, said Mrs. Huyen Do Thi Thanh, Wildlife Education Manger, WAR said. 

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