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Successful rescue of four Moon Bears and Yellow Cheeked Gibbons

18th April, 2012Wildlife At Risk (WAR) co-operates with Ho Chi Minh City Forest Protection Department, Central Committee for South Viet Nam and Lo Go Xa Mat National Park, Tay Ninh Province to successfully rescue two Moon Bears (Ursus thibetanus) and two Yellow- cheeked  Gibbons (Nomascus gabriellae). These endangered species were safely transferred to Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station (CCWRS).
Both Moon Bears were missing front paws, which most likely were lost in a snare trap or had been been removed for use in traditional medicines and wine. They also have several loss of their backs, neck and shoulder area due to malnutrition and lack of care. According to the owner of these Moon Bears, they were bought from local people from Cambodia and captured in 2001. The two gibbons were exhausted and severely dehydrated and under-nourished due to improper care in captivity for many years. 
These Moon Bears and Yellow-checked Crested Gibbons are currently being well cared for recovering by WAR staff at the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station. The owner admitted these bears were used for the collection of “bile” and had been kept in small concrete enclosures for over 10 years. Due to the improper care, missing paws, these bears have lost their wild instincts and would not survive in the wild. They can never be released to the wild where bears belong
To visit and support these endangered species, please contact the Manager of Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station at lam.lx@wildlifeatrisk.org or phone number 0984281190.
Lan Ho Thi Kim – Lam Le Xuan

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