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Wildlife reporting

In case you see endangered wildlife
in nature or wildlife crime


WAR's hotline: 0976.06.76.46
WAR office: 08 3899 7314
HCMC Forest Protection Department
Mobile Team: 08 3794 7045

Rescue endangered pangolin

 Ho Chi Minh City, dated 13 August 2015 – Cu Chi Willdife Rescue Station rescued one female Javan Pangolin weighed roughly 4kg. This individual was in bad condition with serious wound at the tail’s base and the fore left paw were lost. The individual was handed in by a local people from District 2, Ho Chi Minh City thanks to the support of the Save Vietnam Wildlife.

Conducting medicial treatment for the pangolin

WAR staff conducted immediate healthcheck and surgery to save the pangolin, right when it arrived.

Losing one paw and thus not able to seek for food in the wild, this Pangolin will never be released back to the forest. It will stay for the rest of its life at Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station, for educational purposes.

Pangolin is listed in the Vietnam Red Book as Endanger. It is often hunted for meat and scale for medicinal purposes. Let’s say No to illegal products from pangolin to save it before it is too late.

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